Monday, 19 September 2005

Oooh, ouch, what the f***....

A slipped disc is an interesting experience (well, that's one way of viewing it). It's certainly painful. It took me about forty minutes just to get out of bed this morning with lots of false starts, ended with seering pain shooting round the nerve endings of my lower back. 'Ouch' is an understatement. At least then I was able to hobble into the living room holding onto furniture to steady myself. This is silly.

It would be boring to dwell on the downside of a slipped disc. One of the bonuses is that after I've put a CD on the player I can't really jump up to change the track or CD. It's easier to listen all the way through than try to change the disc. This means that my latest favourites are Pink's 'Mizunderstood' and the Indigo Girls's 'Rites of Passage'. Both are excellent albums in very different ways.

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