Thursday, 7 September 2006

Computers for Pupils

At the moment I'm enjoying Computers for Pupils (a boring name, I know, but it says what it is on the can, so to speak). As the blurb tells us, it's:

A £60 million, 2-year programme aimed at helping some of the most disadvantaged secondary children improve their education and life skills by putting a computer into the home. Local Authorities identified as having eligible schools and pupils in their area have been given funding to buy equipment, as well as help and advice covering all aspects of the scheme.

Of course, I'm not personally putting a computer into 100,000 homes, oh no. My role is to facilitate it, make it happen, supply the money and the incentives, that sort of thing.

We're sort of 'launching' it on 9 October with a seminar event at the Hilton Metropole on Edgware Road (and no, you can't come, it's by invitation only). So, of course, we need some branding, some artwork to jazz up the event a bit, and this is what the designers have come up with. They did 20-odd designs but I've gone for these two, one for signage and the other for letter-head. I think they're quite fun!

I'll be getting more versions later to decide which colour(s) to use and other exciting decisions. Sometimes I like my job!

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chrisv said...

Little shaggers.

Is there nothing the little fecks don't get showered on them?

"improve their education and life skills" me arse. They will all be in chat rooms chatting to pedloes or selling their parents clothes on eBay.