Saturday, 9 September 2006

Cum on... big SLADE book!

My SLADE-dar is failing me. This wonderful new book, Cum On Feel The Noize - The Story Of SLADE, has been published for a week and I only found out about it yesterday.

Naturally, I ordered it from Amazon straight away... which is a shame because they have it in Borders and I could have popped into town and bought it today. O well.

It is doubly fabulous because the introduction is written by the Lady-in-Leather herself, Suzi Quatro. Suzi did her first UK tour supporting SLADE in 1972 but I wasn't able to see that tour (I was only a wee nipper at the time).

The four-CD box set of SLADE goodies and re-mastered 'Crackers' are out later this month as well. I still haven't found out what's in the box set but, rest assured, I'll post here as soon as I have any news.

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