Sunday, 10 September 2006


The glorious, old tree opposite my house is being devastated. The chainsaws started yesterday and they're continuing today, a nice sunny Sunday afternoon shredded by the buzzing as the lovely tree has bits lopped off. Where will it end? Is it being trimmed or is coming down? Only time will tell.

It's a lovely old tree as well, maybe around 150 years old (the trees in my garden are over 100 years old, as is the house, and that tree is much bigger) and is huge (the fence in front, at the bottom of the photo, is over 6' high). Squirrels scamper around in that tree as well.

The owners of the property opposite have been trying to get planning permission to extend the house and build another 8 flats in the extension (mainly in the back garden where the tree is) but permission has been denied at least once specifically due to that tree. I can only assume the battle has been lost.

Lopping off branches older than me is one thing (see the photo below) but it'll be deeply sad if the whole tree is being cut down. Watch this space.

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