Sunday, 10 September 2006

Happy Birthday Don!

Happy birthday to Don Powell, drummer with SLADE for forty years, who is sixty today (and looking good on it too).

He's been through the highs and lows of a career in music but always comes across as a nice bloke. Drummers are always the 'quiet ones' in a band (with one or two exceptions) and Don fits that bill for SLADE, pounding away in the background while the others put on a show up front. It was nice to see him on telly last Christmas on the C4 show about recording a Christmas No 1 but, typically, he didn't get to say anything! Still he drummed on it and Dave played guitar and I bought the download.

He wrote some of the early songs with Jim - they're quite different to the songs Nod and Jim wrote, a different sound and feel, but I like them. And apparently he's writing again.

There don't seem to be many photos of Don on his own floating around the interweb but here are a couple of 'then and now' photos (the 'now' photo taken a few weeks ago by Lise and posted in her SLADEblog). Here's hoping for more photos in the new SLADE book. And a photo of Don and the lads doing what they did best!

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