Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Tina Weymouth's knickers

As so wisely suggested in the comment in the previous entry, I should treat myself. So I have. Pomegranate seeds and Guinness - yumboscrumdidly indeed! Not together, obviously. I would have preferred a real pomegranate but the little Sainsbury's up the road didn't have any but it did have little plastic cartons full of seeds.

I love pomes, but only in the autumn. Me Mam used to buy them for us when we were kids and back then you could only really get fruit when it was in season, so late September/October was always (and will always be) pomegranate season for me. It just seems wrong to eat them at any other time of the year (unless in foreign climes, of course).

And Guinness... well, I'm being baaaaaad....

Was supposed to be going out tonight for a celebratory meal up in town but I'm just too tired. Not much sleep on Sunday and the stresses of the event yesterday are showing - and I didn't take any of my pills yesterday and I've been feeling it today. I was falling asleep on the train coming home tonight, y'know, that awful doziness when your head starts nodding and then you jerk awake expecting the whole carriage to be looking at you? And, of course, I had a gym session with my personal trainer so I managed to get through that ok but I'm feeling it now. An early night, I think.

Which brings me round to Tina. I arrived home to see a lovely big padded envelope waiting for me - it can only be two things, either the live Buffy CD or the Tom Tom Club CD, 'Live at the Clubhouse'. It was the latter and I'm bouncing along to it as I sit here typing. I've been meaning to get it for ages and finally ordered it through the Tom Tom Club website.

I can't think of the Tom Tom Club without remembering that most odd evening when I saw them with Chris and Dawn Right Nasty a few years ago at the Great Eastern Hotel as part of the CBGB's night. They were excellent and I was an instant convert - the energy flowing off the stage in nice bouncy waves was astonishing and they seemed to be having such fun on the stage. Tina took off her warm CBGB's knickers and threw them into the audience ... they landed right in my hand. They now adorn Right Nasty Mansions. It was nice seeing Tina and Chris in the corridors earlier in the evening with Tina walking up to Dawn and giving her a great big hug - what nice people they are.

It was such an odd evening though - I'm all for occassionally mixing with freaks and wierdos but the people at the CBGB's night just seemed not very nice City media kids with too much money and no feel for what punk was about but they'd bought the right tee shirt and had the right make-up. A very odd crowd.

Oh, I've also started a new job. Apparently I got it on Monday but didn't find out till today (I was inconveniently out of the office). It's sort of the same job as I'm already doing working with mainly the same people, with the same boss and, broadly, the same kind of responsibilities - I simply discharge them differently or something like that. Exciting, huh? I'll expect congratulatory drinks in due course, thank you.

PS: just so you don't get the wrong idea, Tina was wearing other knickers underneath the CBGB ones...

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redhairedqueer said...

Those pantaloons are, indeed, on general display at Right Nasty Mansions. And you see that picture you've got of Tina singing in the studio attached to her and Chris's house? I WAS THERE when that was taken. SCREAM !!!