Friday, 13 October 2006


Why do I never have my camera with me when I need it? My first trip to VauxhallVille this evening and I have no photographic record.

I thoroughly enjoyed it - pole-dancing bears, boxing kangaroos, a mostly-naked glitter lady, violent confrontation and simulated sex on the stage, being drenched in water and champagne and dowsed in glitter. What more could one ask for on a Thursday evening?

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I took up Dawn Right Nasty's invitation to join her at VauxhallVille. I stipulated that there would be Guinness but no fighting kangas and that was it. Everything else is open to negotiation. And what a fun time I've had.

Nathaniel De-Ville hosted the extravaganza, eventually striping off and burning his Calvins as a protest about the insidiousness of gay marketing. Followed by the glorious Bearlesque troupe, Lucy Fire and the boxing kangaroo (who Dawn beat to the floor for the pleasure of winning a bottle of champagne). Chris, of course, knew the leader of Bearlesque (he knows everyone) but didnt know he did this act so his face was a picture.

Highlights of the evening were Bear Nigel singing 'Like A Prayer', eventually being crucified on a sparkly mirror cross, the Bear Leader, Freddy, doing a flashdance sequence and being splashed in water (which flooded our table in front of the stage as well), Lucy Fire stripping and biting into deep red roses that spurted 'blood', and Dawn trashing the kangaroo! Paul ended up covered in glitter from all three acts - that's the price for sitting too close to the stage.

It was a fine fun evening and I want to go again. Soon!


redhairedqueer said...

Been buzzing all day from my kangaroo thrashing bout, your pictures are over on my site *points*

Was it Bear Nigel? I thought it was Colin ...

Owen said...

Bear this and bear that... o dear, too many bears to get the names right. And, of course, whoever he was, he sang 'Like A Bear' - it just sounded a lot like 'Like A Prayer'.

Tut tut me and my memory!