Thursday, 26 July 2007

Woman's Hour Punks Out

My daily routine over the past couple of months has included listening to Woman's Hour on Radio 4 on weekday mornings. This morning I was only half listening when I heard a voice and started paying attention - Poly Styrene!

There was an interesting article about a new book by Helen Reddington, 'The Lost Women Of Rock Music: Female Musicians Of The Punk Era' and that caught my attention. What a great idea for a book and for a radio article (a TV series would be even better, of course). Exerpts of music and bits of chat with various punky types - X-Ray Spex, The Adverts, The Slits and loads more. No Siouxsie, though (but she was never 'lost'). It should make for a good read - but not at £55. I'll wait for the paperback edition.

The article should be available on Radio 4s 'listen again' facility at some point so try for it here.

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chrisv said...

I hope Pauline Murray got a mention...