Saturday, 18 October 2008


It's taken six weeks but I've finally finished going through my A-Z CDs, loading them into my iTunes library and from there to my iPod. I have a set of shelves in my hallway that holds about 900 CDs and these are organised A-Z so I can find things. I have separate shelves for compilations, box sets, burnies (ie CDs of miscellaneous downloads), cast recordings and soundtracks and, of course, Christmas CDs. This last lot still have to be copied but the bulk is the A-Z shelves and they're done - at last!

I have 14,902 songs in my iTunes library. I have singers/bands for every letter of the alphabet except Z. The first artist for each letter (in iTunes order, ie American cataloguing) is:

Candi Statton
The Damned
Earl Wright Orchestra
The Faces
H B Barnum
Ian Brown
J. Flexx
KC And The Sunshine Band
Labi Siffre
M People
The N'Betweens
The O'Jays
Pamela Blue
R. Carlos Nakai
Sam Cooke
Vampire Weekend
The Waitresses
X-Ray Spex

No doubt this will change when I've got the soundtracks and wotnot recorded, but it does me proud to see it.

This time, I'll leave the music where it is - and copy it to an external hard drive - so I don't have to go through this again. Live and learn.

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