Wednesday, 26 November 2008

City Of Christmas Ghosts

Those nice boys over at Goldblade have done the world a favour and uploaded the mp3 of their new Christmas single to their MySpace site. This is important because the most wonderful Ms Poly Styrene gives it some big punky vocals and is, of course, fabulous (in a punk stylee, naturally).

It's got a gabba-gabba-hey riff and a Shadows solo but best of all is true, original punk vocals from Poly! "La, la la-la, Christmas Ghost!'. Ooooo, I wonder if there'll be a video? I excite myself too much sometimes.

Now, on the strict understanding that you buy it when it's properly released, scoot on over to Goldblade's MySpace page and have a bop to the best Christmas single in forever!

1 comment:

chrisv said...

The skeleton could at least have a Santa hat on...