Thursday, 19 February 2009

Alela Diane - 'To Be Still'

I finally got Alela's new album, 'To Be Still', and very good it is too. It's full of gentle, thoughtful songs, poetry woven into magic with Alela's lovely voice. About half of the songs have been around for a while in acoustic form but these have a fuller, mature sound, backed by her small band.

Alela's first album, 'The Pirate's Gospel' was acoustic and 'To Be Still' has the same qualities but with more instruments, mainly drums and slide guitar that fill the gaps inbetween Alela's lovely voice. When she sings, it's her voice and her words that I listen to.

One of my favourite tracks is 'White As Diamonds' and you can hear it in the video below. Give her a listen and then try some more tracks.

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