Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Amanda Palmer BANNED!

If it's not one thing it's another for Miss Amanda Palmer. Fat belly one day and banned song and video the next. It seems that 'Oasis', which was going to be the next single from the 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer' album is being banned because it deals with date rape, abortion and refers to fundamentalist Christians.


I don't understand. It's ok for a song to be made up almost entirely of singing about 'my bumps, my lady bumps' and videos can clearly exploit women and depict them solely as sex objects but a song which, in part, depicts the results of objectifying women doesn't get played, then I remain confused. Amanda ponders whether if she'd sung in more slowly, in a mournful, thoughtful way then it would be ok, because clearly she'd be regretting her actions. But she sings it in a lively poppy way and is happy because she has a signed photo from Oasis so it's clearly wrong. I didn't realise we were such a prudish nation. I suspect we're not, really.

I do wonder about Roadrunner Records handling of this as well. They commented that NME tv and Q tv won't play it - I didn't know they existed. I don't know anything about music telly, but are they really that influential? The song was played on BBC6 the other day in advance of a great interview with Amanda at the weekend (I've never listened to BBC6 before so what do I know?).

Anyway, I'm seeing the marvellous Miss Palmer tonight at the Electric Ballroom and I'll join in the Beach Boy harmonies in the chorus when she plays this song. After all, punk cabaret is freedom...

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rashbre said...

I'm inclined to think the current number 1 by Lily Allen isn't that far off, dealing with empty headed celebrity chasing and materialism (no doubt with claimed irony). The EP has 3 other tracks with **** titles. No broadcaster hypocrisy.