Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowy Morning

Dont you love the unpredictability of the British weather? Snow! Like everyone else, I'm blogging about snow and bunging in a photo. It's started snowing last night and seems to have snowed on and off all night - and it's snowing again now.

The roads are quiet - hearing the silence was very strange last night and this morning, just a sort of background muffled hum in the distance, most odd. There are a few people out there including a bloke with an umbrella - what's the point of a brolly in this?

Now, due to my bad planning i might have to go out into all this snow and get some basic provisions, like milk. Well, actually, I'd go out in it anyway even if I didn't need milk. Yay! Snow!

Here's the view from my living room just before 8am this morning: