Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Alex Polizzi is The Hotel Inspector

If you've been in Bhutan for the last three weeks then I can forgive you for not knowing that 'The Hotel Inspector' has returned to Channel Five on a Monday evening at 9:00pm. If you haven't been in Bhutan, then shame on you for not knowing and watching. The Hotel Inspector is, of course, Alex Polizzi of 'the world-famous Forte hotel dynasty' and it is her mission to seek out and improve the dreadful hotels and bed & breakfasts around the UK. As soon as she appears with her dangley ear-rings and big red overnight bag, you know you're in for a treat.

Some people seem to forget that, essentially, the programme is an entertainment - and a jolly good one at that - and take it a bit seriously. It's obviously serious for Alex and the hotels and B&Bs involved (it's their livelihood, after all) but I've gleefully joined in the tweet-storm every Monday night, commenting on the hotels, how dirty or mis-managed they are, Alex's latest ear-rings and, of course, when she swears. Alex encourages this through her own tweets and that says more than anything, that it's entertainment - it's fun, sit back and enjoy it. And enjoy it I do.

How she keeps her temper with some of the crass idiots she deals with is beyond me. How can anyone run a B&B and leave mould to grow in a communal shower? How can anyone think it's fine to have a blazing row in the restaurant kitchen with the door wide open so everyone can hear? How can a proprietor invite Alex in to help them and then ignore all her objective suggestions? It's all very strange and bizarre behaviour.

And that's the joy of 'The Hotel Inspector' programme. We see Alex's assessment, her initial discussion with the proprietor followed by all-out war and Alex eventually winning. It's a classic Jungian archetypal landscape in every one hour programme, in which our heroine always wins. Of course she does - Alex is *always* right. That is the sole rule of 'The Hotel Inspector' and ignore it at your peril.

Bring on the rest of the series!

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