Friday, 19 October 2012

AFP is Bump-Into-able

The delightful Amanda Palmer is in London again and that means she is bump-into-able so I must polish my 'Punk Cabaret Is Freedom' badge. That badge earned me a hug and chat a few years ago when I bumped into Amanda (and Neil) unexpectedly in the foyer of the Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand after an Alan Cummings show. Who knows where you might bump into her as she's out and about.

Amanda was on Women's Hour on Radio 4 on Thursday morning and on Steve Lamacq's Roundtable in the evening and I'm quite proud of how she didn't say 'fuck' once! She did say 'shit' on 'Women's Hour' but that's because it's in the lyrics of the song she sung, 'The Killing Type'. I loved how Jenny Murray said after Amanda had played it, almost in awe, that it was the most 'physically energetic' performance she'd ever seen in the studio. Yes, that's the Amanda we love! Listen to both on the BBC iPlayer while you can.

She's been to Paris today but will be back in London for Tom Robinson's show on Radio 6 on Saturday night. Tom was a guest at Amanda's show at Heaven last year when he sang an updated version of 'Glad To Be Gay' so it's nice that she's returning the favour.

Next Tuesday she'll be playing at Koko in Camden again and I'll be there. I'll also be there at the Roundhouse in March next year to see her triumphant return. The Dresden Dolls live DVD was recorded at The Roundhouse in 2006 and I was there for both gigs. It'll be great to see Amanda back on that stage. I hope it's filmed!

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