Saturday, 29 June 2013

Amanda Palmer at Glastonbury 2013 [Part 1]

This is Glastonbury weekend, the biggest music festival in the world, and most of the talk is about The Rolling Stones playing tonight. I'm more interested in Amanda Palmer playing her first Glastonbury yesterday afternoon with The Grand Theft Orchestra. Not much has emerged yet about her set but here's a short video of her introducing the show and explaining that their stage costumes and instruments have gone missing after flying in from America:

Amanda tweeted a photo before she went on stage yesterday showing that she'd written 'YES' across her stomach. She also tweeted before going on stage that she'd met Liam Gallagher and explained the plot of her song 'Oasis' to him and said, 'he was amused'. I'll bet!

There are a few photos of Amanda on stage that indicate she had a 'wardrobe malfunction', but I'm sure that won't upset Amanda. Oddly enough, the 'malfunction' is what was picked up by the press in the shape of the Daily Mail (see here) which, in typical fashion quoted her age and said she was bisexual but failed to mention her music or that she was married. The headline, 'Making a boob of herself' indicates how little the journo knows about Amanda... but at least it published four photos which is a good thing.

Amanda's supposed to be playing with Billy Bragg in the Left Field this afternoon so, hopefully, we'll see more of her.

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