Monday, 2 September 2013

JimBob - 'Dream Come True'

That JimBob, successful author, musical comedy star and sometime popstar has released a new single in advance of his new album in November and here is the video to watch and listen.

'Dream Come True' is a cheeky little number about crowd-sourcing and reality TV shows like The Voice. Quite frankly, he's selling himself cheap if he'll come and play a gig in my living room for only £100! He needs a lesson from That Amanda Palmer if you ask me.

It's a fun song with JimBob's usual witty, cheeky lyrics and a simple melody that works perfectly. It's not the raucous attack music of Carter USM, but it does the trick. And, of course, he has to include a snapshot of Maggie Thatcher, his target of old.

Go on, pop on over to iTunes and give JimBob a nice surprise - make it a hit! He had loads in the '90s but let's make his dream come true!

*Presses download*

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